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your Pac&Go

You can personalize your Pac&Go with embroidery!

It can be your name or the purpose or whatever you want to put on it.

  1. Check if the item you're looking at is good for embroidery - please refer to the list below

  2. Place an order for the embroidery service, make sure you order enough quantity for all the items you want embroidered

  3. Fill in the space provided following the format  PRODUCT - LABEL - COLOR  ie, Cube - Daryl​​​​ - pink

  4. Embroidery is limited to 7 characters only. We try to put embroidery as big as we can but the longer the label is the smaller the font gets.

List of products that can be embroidered

  1. Cube

  2. Cube Medium

  3. Demi Cube

  4. Demi Cube Medium

  5. Mini Cube

  6. Mini Cube Thin

  7. Laundry Cube



Want to use your logo?

Do you have a logo you want to put on your Pac&Go? Talk to us and let's make your Pac&Go even more special.

Thanks for submitting!




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