We want to make the perfect combination of cubes for all types of luggage, whether it's a soft luggage or a hardcase luggage,

we've got your covered!


Below is a simple packing guide for carry-on/small, medium and large sized suitcase.



2 Cubes

1 Cube Medium

1 Cube Thin

1 Mini Cube Thin

1 Toiletries Cube - Wet

2 Laundry Cubes

1 Laundry Cube Pouch - Underwear

1 Laundry Cube Pouch - Socks

Soft Luggage - Small

Colored Zips (Optional)
Embroidery Thread Color (Optional)

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Make it yours!

You can personalize your Pac&Go items! Put a name, label or even a monogram to easily identify what's inside or whose cube it is! 

Just pick a thread color above and indicate in the textbox what text to put and what style you want for your cube!

Quick tip for you! The longer the label or the more characters we put on it, the smaller the font size becomes.


Embroidery costs 100 per item.

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